Tips and FAQ's


We, at Gypsy Wood Leathers, are continuously adding information to aid in creating and quilting with leather. Cathy Wiggins, founder of GWL, has a YouTube channel, Creating with Leather channel full of how-tos and tips…


Buying leather is different than buying fabric. Leather is sold by the hide, not by the yard. Here at Gypsy Wood Leathers, we realize it can be difficult to visualize the quantity of leather needed for a project, so we’ve included charts on each of our leather pages containing estimated sizes. To aid in estimating the amount of leather needed for projects based on fabric yardage, click here for the formula to convert yardage to square feet. If you need assistance determining the amount of leather you need, please contact us. We will be glad to help!


We are currently working on a frequently asked list of questions. These will be available soon!