Leather Marking Pens

These pens are water soluble on
most leathers. White pens tend to work better on naked hides such as deerskins and some upholstery
grade leathers. Silver works better
on leather with a glossy finish.
Always test before using

Starter Kit
Starter Supply Kit
This kit contains everything needed for a leather quilting project! 4oz leather glue, 1yd of Saral Paper, 1yd transfer film, stylus, wool dauber, leather marking pen

Longarm leather needles

Available in 2 sizes (16 and 19)
(pack of 10)


Lace Needles
Dye Brushes
Size 02, 04, 04
Set of three

Domestic machine leather needles

Size 19 (pack of 5)

Saral Paper
Saral Paper

Chaulk paper used for transferring imagess to leather
White – 12”x12’

Lace Needles
Lok Lace Needles set of 5

Used for hand stitching
3/32” or 1/8” leather lace

Archival SprayKrylon Archival Spray

Spray used to dyes
against fading.
Two options:
Semi-Gloss, Satin


Lace Needles

Stylus used for
transferring images

Archival Spray
Wool Dauber

For glue application
(pack of three)

Lace Needles
Transfer Film
Used for transferring
images to leather
20” x 1yd = $4
20” x 10yds = $38


Archival Spray
Anglus Leather Dye

Color selection – Dark Brown, Light Brown A, Brown, Light Brown, English Tan
$6 (3 oz)


Archival Spray Spacing Guides

Spacing Guides
by Barn Catz Studio
Set of six

Using Spacing Guides