GWL Quilting Leather

GWL Quilting Leather is high quality, garment-grade cowhide. Weighing 1 ¾ oz, this leather is ideal for sewing on virtually any home sewing machine. These hides are vat dyed, guaranteeing color penetration throughout.

GWL Quilting Leather comes in 20 colors and is available in three sizes: half-hide, quarter-hide and petit cut.


Square Feet

Size Estimate


  Half Hide


36” x 96”


  Quarter Hide


36” x 48”




20” x 30”


Please note that all sizes are estimates and will vary depending on the hide. If you are concerned about your project fitting on a particular size, enter your project size in the comments field, and will insure the proper size hide.

Here at Gypsy Wood Leathers, we work hard to keep all leathers and colors in stock. Orders are shipped with 2 days of receiving. If the leather ordered is not in stock, shipping will be delayed a week.

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