GWL Home Sewing Leather

Our mission is to bring leather to the home sewer. Our lightweight leathers are suitable for virtually any sewing machine at an affordable price. All of our leathers have a weight of under 3½ oz, with our GWL Quilting Leather weighing just 1¾ oz. We offer a variety of sizes, allowing you to purchase no more than what you need.

Buying leather is different than buying fabric. Leather is sold by the hide, not by the yard. Here at Gypsy Wood Leathers, we realize it can be difficult to visualize the quantity of leather needed for a project, so we’ve included charts on each of our leather pages containing estimated sizes. To aid in estimating the amount of leather needed for projects based on fabric yardage, click here for the formula to convert yardage to square feet. If you need assistance determining the amount of leather you need, please contact us. We will be glad to help!

Here at Gypsy Wood Leathers, we work hard to keep all leathers and colors in stock. Orders are shipped with 2 days of receiving. If the leather ordered is not in stock, shipping will be delayed a week. With Gypsy Wood Leathers’ product lines, there is something for everyone.

GWL Quilting Leather
This leather is high quality, garment-grade cowhide with a weight of 1¾ oz. This is the perfect leather for showing quilting texture and is available in 20 colors.

GWL Premium Quilting Leather
Coming Soon! This leather is high quality upholstery-grade cowhide with a weight between 3 and 3½ oz. Though a thicker hide, it is soft and supple and still shows quilting texture. This leather is also ideal for bags and purses.

GWL Deerskins
Our deerskins are the softest on the market. Weighing 3 oz or less, these hides are perfect for quilting. Our skins are beautifully tanned and have the natural raw edge drape that many desire for art projects.

GWL Metallic
Coming Soon! We will be offering a variety of metallic leather options, including cowhides, lamb and pig.

GWL Embossed
Coming Soon! Our embossed leathers are 3.5 oz or less and are perfect for bindings, bags, applique and inlay.



GWL Quilting Leather

GWL Premium Quilting Leather

GWL Deerskins

GWL Embossed Leather

GWL Metallic Leather

GWL Scrap Bag